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A Humble Servant

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Materials Needed:

  • Internet access
  • What does it mean to serve someone? (Answers will vary but might include: you can serve or bring someone food at a restaurant; doing a job for someone; helping someone out, etc.)
  • What are ways you have served someone? (Answers will vary. Be sure students think beyond chores to include helping a younger sibling learn a skill or a kindness extended to an elderly neighbor.)
  • What was the reason you wanted to help someone? (Accept all reasonable answers.)

Helping and serving others in the spirit of love is so important. If we only choose to help someone because we are told to do it, it doesn’t seem as meaningful. Eight-year-old Luke wanted to raise money for the 15 and the Mahomies Foundation, a charity “dedicated to improving the lives of children.” He wanted to help others, and when he realized he didn’t have to wait until he was an adult, he took action.

Play the following clip [3:21; stop at 2:40]:
Arizona kid raises money for Mahomes’ charity

Luke gave up his spare change to save for the charity, and he gave up time to share about the project with other students. His attitude inspired many others to jump on board and help as well. Together, they earned the money to donate. Luke helped children he didn’t know through his kindness and affected their lives for the better. 

  • How do you think the kids impacted by the “15 and the Mahomies” charity feel? (Answers might include: Grateful; excited; happy, etc.)

When others see that kind of selflessness…wow! It makes a difference. In today’s lesson we’re going to watch Someone else make a huge impact through His loving service to His friends. Let’s see how this powerful act changes the minds of many on what it means to be great.

Looking for Steps 2 & 3?

You can find Steps 2 and 3 in your teacher’s guide. To purchase a teacher’s guide, please visit: Bible-in-Life or Echoes.

Materials Needed:

  • Internet access
  • Poster board or cardstock
  • Markers/colored pencils
  • White board and marker (or screenshared document)
  • Optional: Art supplies, smartphones, dictionaries

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