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An Ethiopian Is Baptized

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Earlier this month, England held the coronation ceremony for King Charles III at Westminster Abbey. It was a spectacle of pomp and history, but what caught the attention of many was all the blue and yellow in the ceremony. Several members of the royal family and distinguished guests, including First Lady Jill Biden, wore blue or yellow, and the interior of the abbey itself was decorated in blue and yellow carpets. With the war in Ukraine in the news, and the first lady of Ukraine in attendance, the prominent display of the colors of the Ukrainian flag was a welcome sight to many. “I saw Ukraine there,” said Dame Melinda Simmons, Britain’s Ambassador to Ukraine, about the carpets, “and lost my composure for a minute.” A Palace spokesman described it all as “a happy coincidence.”

In the early days of the Church, one of its leaders—Philip—was led by the Holy Spirit to leave Jerusalem and approach a certain chariot that was traveling slowly along the dusty road. Philip approached the chariot and, in a beautiful example of God’s coordination and timing, overheard the passenger, an official from the Ethiopian royal court, reading aloud from the Book of Isaiah. It happened to be Isaiah 53, which is a clear Messianic prophecy. Philip engaged the Ethiopian, and it led to the man becoming a baptized follower of the Lord.


  • What’s the most bizarre coincidence you’ve ever heard of?
  • How do you respond to this quote by William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury in the 1940s: “When I pray, coincidences happen, and when I don’t, they don’t”?
  • When have you felt most directly guided by the Holy Spirit?

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