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Upper Elementary

Attitude Adjustment

Lesson 6 


Fall 2021


By: RLD Editorial Team 


October 10, 2021

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Lesson Focus:

We can choose the right attitude when corrected.

Bible Basis:

Genesis 4:1-16

Materials Needed:

Step 1:

  • Internet access

Summary & Links:

Students will consider their responses to correction and discover that the right attitude comes with God’s help.

Memory Verse:

“Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline.”
—Revelation 3:19

Echoes Verse:
“My son, do not despise the Lord’s discipline and do not resent his rebuke, because the Lord disciplines those he loves.”
—Proverbs 3:11-12a

Step 1:

Students will consider their responses to correction and discover that the right attitude comes with God’s help.

Materials Needed:

  • Internet access

Just before the start of the 2021 baseball season, the Los Angeles Angels suspended their pitching coach.

  • Why do you think a team would suspend a coach? (Answers will vary: students may guess that he wasn’t good at his job or had made poor choices.)
  • If you were a coach looking forward to the coming season, how might you respond to the suspension? (Complain, say it is not fair, get angry, claim the allegations weren’t true, etc.)

 Share the following video [0:47]:
Angels Suspend Pitching Coach Mickey Callaway Over Alleged Lewd Behavior

Pitching coach Mickey Callaway was suspended in the spring over reports of bad behavior and harassing women.

  • What do you think of the way Coach Callaway handled the situation? (Accept all reasonable responses.)

It could have been easy for the coach to blow up in anger or deny all the claims of bad behavior. Instead, he was willing to provide more details about the situation at hand.

  • What can we learn about handling correction? (We can have a teachable attitude, rather than a defensive one, when it comes to correction.)
  • When has your response to correction kept you from something good or led to even more correction? (Answers will vary.)
  • Why is it sometimes hard to have a good attitude when corrected? (Answers will vary.)

Even when the person correcting us cares about us, our first response to correction may be defensive. Let’s find out how someone responded to God’s correction and what that outcome tells us about the benefits of finding the right attitude when we are corrected.

Looking for Steps 2, 3 & 4?

You can find Steps 2 and 3 in your teacher’s guide. To purchase a teacher’s guide, please visit: Bible-in-Life or Echoes.

Step 4:

Materials Needed:

  • Internet access
  • Colored markers (1 per student; variety of colors)
  • Cardstock cut into bookmark-sized pieces (white; at least 1 per student)

If your class is meeting online, invite students to bring colored markers and a bookmark-sized piece of cardstock or paper with them to class. Before class, view the following video so you can demonstrate the activity without it [5:37]:
Rainbow Coloring Pen – Life hacks for Kids

Cain did not accept correction well!

  • What does a negative attitude toward correction do to us? (It may make matters worse; it keeps us from moving forward; it causes us to drag others down; it may keep us from growing in our relationship to others and to God.)
  • What does a positive attitude toward correction do for us? (It helps us learn and mature.)
  • What can we do to have a more positive attitude toward correction? (Seek God’s help; trust God’s ways; accept the fact that we do things that require correction.)

Distribute colored pens and cardstock bookmarks. Demonstrate making the pens and using the pens to write as well as to scribble with the changing colors. Have your students work in groups of four to transfer ink from their pens as needed. Guide the students through creating rainbow coloring pens (be sure to note the instructions in the video that indicate other color combinations that can be used rather than just following rainbow order). 

Use your colorful pen to write Revelation 3:19 on the bookmark: “Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline.” You may need to replenish your pen’s colors from time to time.

Use the color-changing feature of your colorful pen to decorate your bookmark—you might want to scribble a border around your verse. As you scribble, consider that we may begin with a negative reaction to correction, but God can change our hearts and help us to accept and learn from correction. Allow the changing colors to remind you to trust God and seek His help to change your attitude.

Place your colorful memory verse bookmark in a book where you can easily see it this week. Consider explaining the meaning of the change in colors to a friend or family member—that they help us remember the need to change our attitude. When you see and read the verse this week, ask God to change your heart so that you can be someone who accepts correction with a good attitude.

Close in prayer thanking God for loving us enough to correct us and forgive us. Ask for help to trust God’s correction and to receive it with a good attitude.

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