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Called in Authority

Lesson 7 


Winter 2020-21


By: RLD Editorial Team 


January 17, 2021

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Lesson Focus:

Trust that Jesus has the authority to make you whole.

Bible Basis:

Mark 2:1-12

Materials Needed:

Step 1:

  • None

Summary & Links:

Trust that Jesus has the authority to make you whole.

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Music Video, Traditional: “Glory to His Name”
Music Video, Multicultural: “A Heart that Forgives” by Kevin Levar
Music Video, Contemporary: “He Made Me, He Loves Me” by Ben & Noelle Kilgore
Guzik’s Commentary on Mark 2
Gill’s Exposition of Mark 2
JFB Commentary on Mark 2

Memory Verse:

Which is easier: to say to this paralyzed man, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Get up, take your mat and walk’?
—Mark 2:9

Step 1

Materials Needed:

  • None

In April of last year, the aldermen of Starkville, Mississippi, instituted a 20 percent pay cut for many of its city employees. The goal was to compensate for the drastic reduction in sales tax revenue due to COVID-19. Pay for these employees was returned to its normal level in July. But then, in November, the city approved a measure to compensate those employees with a 20 percent pay increase for the same amount of time that the pay reduction ran. “I think it was incredibly important to make those people whole,” Mayor Lynn Spruill said. “It was a matter of fairness and equity, since we have the capability to do it.”

When Jesus healed the man with paralysis who had been lowered through the roof, He said the man’s sins were forgiven. Some teachers of the Law took offense at this, thinking He was blaspheming, since only God can forgive sins. Jesus pointed out that it was easier to say that a person was forgiven than to declare that the person was healed, because the former is invisible while the latter can be immediately ascertained. To prove that He could do the invisible forgiving, he performed the visible healing. Jesus makes us whole in all ways.


  • When have you seen someone “made whole” in a financial sense?
  • What’s something that is easy to claim but hard to prove?
  • In what ways have you been broken by life or sin but made whole by Jesus?

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