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Called to Serve

Lesson 13 


Winter 2020-21


By: RLD Editorial Team 


February 28, 2021

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Lesson Focus:

Don’t let worldly divisions limit your service.

Bible Basis:

Acts 16:11–15, 40; 1 Corinthians 1:26–30

Materials Needed:

Step 1:

  • None

Summary & Links:

Don’t let worldly divisions limit your service.

These videos and materials are for your personal use.
If you show videos in class, be sure to have the necessary rights to do so.

Music Video, Traditional: “I’ll Fly Away”
Music Video, Multicultural: “Holy Spirit” by LaRue Howard and Trinity Anderson
Music Video, Contemporary: “Fill This House with Your Glory” by InSalvation
Commentary on Acts 16 by Guzik and JFB
1 Corinthians 1 Commentary by Guzik and Ellicott

Memory Verse:

15 When she and the members of her household were baptized, she invited us to her home. “If you consider me a believer in the Lord,” she said, “come and stay at my house.” And she persuaded us.
—Acts 16:15

Step 1

Materials Needed:

  • None

Earlier this month in the Southeast Asian nation of Myanmar, the military overthrew the democratically elected government and seized control of the country. The nation is normally divided by a wide array of religious, ethnic, and regional factions all fighting the government and sometimes each other. But in demonstrations across Myanmar this month, citizens have set aside their differences to jointly call for the military to reverse its coup. “What is happening right now is not about party politics,” said Ke Jung, a youth leader from a remote Indian border area. “It is a fight for the [democratic] system.”

How odd it must have been for Paul to be speaking not in a synagogue but on a riverbank, and not to Jewish men but to Gentile women. Yet that is the scenario the apostle encountered in the Roman colony city called Philippi, when he taught Lydia and the other women. Yet with the Gospel, God was tearing down all the old manmade divisions so that all the world could be offered salvation in Christ.


  • What divisions—social, economic, political, etc.—have held you back in your life?
  • When have you seen someone cross a boundary to reach out to someone else?
  • What divisions might you dare set aside for the Gospel?

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