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Turning six is a big deal. So this month, when one girl in England started making out the guest list for her party, she decided to send an invitation to Prince George, the nine-year-old son of Prince William and Duchess Kate. George’s parents received the invitation and ultimately decided he wouldn’t be able to attend. However, they dictated a kind note to the birthday girl. “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were immensely touched that you should take the trouble to write,” said the response. “It really was most thoughtful of you and Their Royal Highnesses have asked me to send you their warmest thanks and best wishes.” While she didn’t get the prince at her party, the little girl did get a personalized message from the royal family, which her mother says will always be “something amazing she can keep.”

The Spirit and the bride invite everyone who hears to receive the free gift of the water of life. When the business of the fall has been tended to and the damage undone, the party that got delayed in Eden can begin, and we’re all invited.


  • What’s the greatest party or celebration you’ve ever been part of?
  • Of all the people who have attended your celebrations over the years, whose presence was most meaningful to you?
  • Revelation describes many pictures of heaven—which aspect appeals to you most?

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