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Depending on the Plan

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Materials Needed:

  • Internet access

Some people say that there are two kinds of people in the world: the ones who won’t start anything without a plan and the ones who dive in with both feet! That might not be entirely true, of course. There are times when all of us are more cautious or less cautious, depending on the situation. Sometimes we think it is fine to go ahead without a plan; other times a plan seems important.

  • Do you think you work better with a plan or without one? Why or why not? (Answers will vary.)
  • What are some areas where it is really important to make sure you are prepared? (Possible answers: completing schoolwork, organizing a group project, packing for a trip, etc.)

Having a plan can be really important. If you go into a serious situation without a plan, or if you interfere with a good plan, the results can be completely unpredictable! In the clip we’re about to see, an EMT in New York City walks us through the necessary supplies needed to prepare hospitals and ambulances to care for people.

Share this video with your students [3:28]:
Restocking Supplies at a Hospital

  • Why is it so important for ambulance staff to be prepared with their supplies? (Accept all reasonable answers. When an emergency happens, they have what they need to help others. They wouldn’t have time to drive back to the hospital and get more supplies each time they needed to help others.)
  • Would EMTs be able to help others to the same level if they didn’t have plans and preparations? (No.)

Health care workers are a great example of modern-day heroes who live sacrificially and help others. Being a hero usually isn’t easy. The Bible is full of examples of heroes who were able to accomplish great things because they were willing to recognize and depend on God’s plan. Let’s take a look.

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Materials Needed:

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  • Pens/pencils

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