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Upper Elementary

Faith Fitness

Lesson 9 


Summer 2020


By: RLD Editorial Team 


August 02, 2020

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Lesson Focus:

God gives us ways to exercise our faith.

Bible Basis:

Acts 16:1-3; 17:13-15; 1 and 2 Timothy

Materials Needed:

Step 1:

  • Internet access

Summary & Links:

Students will consider the effort put into strengthening the body and will realize similar effort needs to be invested in exercising their faith.

Memory Verse:

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
—2 Peter 3:18

Step 1:

Students will consider the effort put into strengthening the body and will realize similar effort needs to be invested in exercising their faith.

Materials Needed:

  • Internet access

The Summer Olympics for 2020 were supposed to be happening right now. But the global pandemic of COVID-19 has caused them to be moved to the summer of 2021. One of the athletes who will be competing is 19-year-old Brooke Raboutou. Let’s take a look at her story.

Share the following video [5:21; could stop after 4:53]:
19-year-old Brooke Raboutou is literally climbing the walls

  • Brooke Raboutou has to train not only physically but also mentally. Why would she have to train mentally? (Answers may vary; she has to be able to not be distracted when she is climbing; her mind can play tricks during a competition, she needs to be ready emotionally, etc.)
  • Do you have a sport you enjoy participating in? Tell us about it. (Answers will vary.)
  • What do you do to keep your body strong and healthy to be able to do your best at your favorite sport? (Answers may vary; practice, eat healthy foods, get sleep, etc.)
  • Some of you may not be into sports, but you do other things—play an instrument, build things, make crafts, play computer games—and you need to work hard and practice to keep up your skills. In what ways do you go about doing that? (Answers may vary.)

Brooke’s parents were both world-class professional climbers. They helped her a lot with teaching her how to climb, building training equipment, and coaching her. But they could not exercise and practice for her. She had to have the self-discipline and determination do that for herself—and she did.

  • What do you think would happen to Brooke’s ability to climb the way she does if she decided not to practice anymore and just sat around watching TV and eating junk food? (She would not have the physical strength, and she would lose her climbing technique.)

We are often told that it is important to exercise our minds and our bodies—and it is. The Bible tells us of something even more important that we should exercise regularly. Let’s find out what that is.

Looking for Steps 2, 3 & 4?

You can find Steps 2 and 3 in your teacher’s guide. To purchase a teacher’s guide, please visit: Bible-in-Life or Echoes.

Step 4:

Materials Needed:

  • Internet access
  • Whiteboard and marker
  • Bibles
  • Paper
  • Pens/pencils

Ask students to have their Bibles, a sheet of paper, and a pen or pencil before starting this part of the lesson.

Remember our rock climber, Brooke Raboutou? To keep herself fit for climbing, Brooke has specific exercises that she practices regularly. Some of these include finger grips, counterweights, and traversing on the special equipment her dad built in their basement.

  • What can we do this week to keep our faith fit? (Answers will vary: pray, read the Bible, practice what the Bible tells us, etc.)

In the video, we saw Brooke practice her exercises with her family. In the Bible lesson, we learned that Paul encouraged Timothy to grow in his faith. Not everyone has a Christian family or friend to help us practice praying, reading the Bible, and living what the Bible tells us. So, this week we are going to be Faith Fitness Friends to encourage each other as we practice exercising our faith.

Write the following three words on the whiteboard: Prayer, Bible, Practice. If you are meeting on-line, put these on a document that you can share on your screen.

Ask your students to select one of the three topics you listed. Then have them write down some kind of prompt that would encourage a Faith Fitness Friend in the topic area they selected. Examples: For Prayer topic, a student might write: “Write a letter to God today” or “Tonight, go outside and look at the stars and tell God how awesome He is.” If they chose Bible as their topic, their prompt might be: “Read Psalm 1 today” or “Memorize John 1:1”—something that would spark their Faith Fitness Friend to be purposeful in God’s Word. If they chose Practice, they might write: “WWJD. In everything you do today, stop first and ask yourself, ‘What would Jesus do?’” or “Think of something you struggle with today, and find a verse that tells you how God feels about it” (such as fighting/arguing, Romans 12:18).

Give your students a minute or two to complete their prompt. Now have the students select one of the two remaining topics on the whiteboard and repeat the process. When students are done with the second prompt, have them write a prompt for the remaining topic.

If you are meeting in person, ask students to give you their prompts. If you are meeting online, they can text or email you the prompts.

This week, I will send you a few prompts written by your Faith Fitness Friends. Follow their encouragement prompts as you pray, read your Bible, and live out what the Bible says. Keep a record of what you did by writing about it. You may want to start a Faith Fitness Journal with a notebook you already have at your house. When you have completed the prompts, continue on by writing your own prompts—work as far ahead as you like and then follow through each day, journaling your experience.

Close in prayer asking God to help us exercise our faith.

Once you have collected the prompts, be sure to send out a minimum of three prompts to your group. You may want to space them out equally throughout the week. Compile the rest of the prompts in a list and send that list to students to use as they work through their faith fitness.

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