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Faith of Our Friends

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Last month the Greece Central School District in New York became the latest in the region to install cameras on their buses’ “stop arms.” These cameras record the license plates of any cars that pass a stopped school bus. Fines begin at $250 for first offenses and increase for second and third violations. In other districts in the same county, cameras have recorded well over a thousand violations just since October. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think in just a few months, we’d see more than a thousand times someone’s child was in danger getting on and off the school bus,” said county executive Adam Bello. “I think we can all agree that’s unacceptable.”

Today’s passage tells of the men who lowered their paralyzed friend through the roof of a house to get him to Jesus. Their faith was great, and so was their urgency. In an act of reckless determination, they found a way to bring their friend to the only one who could heal him. We have no record of there being any faith exhibited by the man on the pallet, but Jesus saw the faith of his friends, and rewarded their belief.


  • What do you think is the most effective way to increase the safety of children who ride school buses?
  • When have you been desperate and determined to make something happen for someone else?
  • Who do you know who needs to be introduced to Jesus?

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