Faithful Despite Unfaithfulness

Lesson 4 


Fall 2019


By: RLD Author


September 22, 2019

Lesson Focus:

Our faith falters when we look away from God.

Bible Basis:

Numbers 13:1-2, 17-18, 25-28; 14:1-2, 5-10a

Materials Needed:

Step 1:

  • None

Summary & Links:

Our faith falters when we look away from God.

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Video, Traditional: “Praise to the Lord the Almighty”
“Glory” by Nashville Life Music
“Come as You Are” by David Leonard
Guzik’s Commentary on Numbers 13
Guzik’s Commentary on Numbers 14
Matthew Henry’s Commentary on Numbers 13
Matthew Henry’s Commentary on Numbers 14
Coffman’s Commentary on Numbers 13
Coffman’s Commentary on Numbers 14

Memory Verse:

If the Lord is pleased with us, he will lead us into that land, a land flowing with milk and honey, and will give it to us.
—Numbers 14:8

Step 1

Materials Needed:

  • None

In Australia this month, a 29-year-old student pilot found himself flying solo on just his third training flight. An hour after takeoff, the man’s instructor fell unconscious. The student did not give in to fear. He radioed the tower at the airfield in Perth, and personnel began talking him through how to land. He paid very close attention to the instructions from the voice on the ground, and he managed a perfect landing.

When the children of Israel stood on the threshold to the Promised Land and heard the report of the spies, they had a similar decision to make. Would they trust the instructions from the voice on the mountain, or would they give in to fear? Despite the efforts of Caleb and Joshua, they chose to cease listening to God’s guidance and instead listened to their fears. God punished them with decades in the wilderness and the death of all those adults who did not trust Him.


  • When have you had to choose between trusting God or succumbing to fear?
  • Why does it seem more difficult to trust God when our situation feels fearful and uncertain?
  • If you played a game in which you were blindfolded and had to cross a room full of obstacles based only on instructions from someone else, would you trust the voice guiding you? Why or why not?

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