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Give Thanks for Deliverance

Lesson 7 


Fall 2021


By: RLD Editorial Team 


October 17, 2021

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Lesson Focus:

Tell your God story with thanksgiving.

Bible Basis:

107:1–9, 39–43

Materials Needed:

Step 1:

  • None

Summary & Links:

Tell your God story with thanksgiving.

These videos and materials are for your personal use.
If you show videos in class, be sure to have the necessary rights to do so.

Music Video, Traditional: “Palms of Victory”
Music Video, Multicultural: “Wait on You” by Elevation Worship & Maverick City Music
Music Video, Contemporary: “I’m So Glad I Met Jesus” by Thrive Worship
Spurgeon’s Treasury of David on Psalm 107
Guzik’s Commentary on Psalm 107
Matthew Henry’s Commentary on Psalm 107

Memory Verse:

 Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble,
    and he delivered them from their distress.
—Psalm 107:6

Step 1

Materials Needed:

  • None

Last month, Hurricane Ida slammed Louisiana. With power and phones down in the middle of the night, area resident Kamie Tatum went into labor. Kamie (22) was alone and nine months pregnant. “I was having full-on contractions,” she said. Because the phones were out, she got in her car and tried to make it to a hospital. But she encountered a huge tree that had been blown down across the highway. “I thought I was going to have my baby in the car by myself…. I just sat in the middle of the highway in my car and cried.” About this time, a crew of thirty sheriff’s deputies and volunteers with chain saws, wire cutters, and axes, who had been working their way on the road for three hours, came upon Kamie’s car and heard her cries of pain. The crew pushed the tree off the road, and Lt. Trent Duplantis climbed into the driver’s seat and drove Kamie to Thibodaux Regional, where she later gave birth to a healthy baby boy. “If it wasn’t for Deputy Trent,” she said, “I don’t know what I would’ve done.”

In our passage today, the psalmist describes how God is drawn to those in need. The distressed, the lost, and the hungry cry out to God, and He delivers them. Indeed, the Lord delights to come to the aid of all those who call to Him. God is never more than a prayer away.


  • When have you cried out to God and then seen His rescue?
  • Why does God so often choose to send help in the form of other people?
  • Who around you is crying out for help today?

Looking for Steps 2, 3 & 4?

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