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God Reigns

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This month, just before his 95th birthday, WWII veteran John Powell got a special ride through his home city. Back in 1945, young John Powell turned 17 and promptly enlisted for the Navy. But on May 15 of this year, he rode through downtown Greenfield, Indiana, in a 1948 MG TC Roadster convertible escorted by police and cheered by all who saw the little parade pass by. Representatives from the Greenfield Veterans Honor Guard presented Powell with an American flag, and the town’s mayor presented him with the city’s Distinguished Citizen Award. “I’m grateful,” said Powell as he shook the mayor’s hand. “There are no words.”

Now that the Babylonian Empire had been overthrown, the Israelites heard that they would soon be able to return to Jerusalem. In today’s passage, the Lord promises to be both their vanguard and their rearguard, allowing them to make the journey without fear of ambush or attack.


  • Who is the oldest person you have ever met?
  • What’s the most unusual car you’ve ever ridden in?
  • How would your actions or decisions change if you knew God was going both before and behind you?

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