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Good News for All

Lesson 13 


Fall 2021


By: RLD Editorial Team 


November 28, 2021

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Lesson Focus:

Salvation is for all people; share the Good News!

Bible Basis:

Acts 10:34–47

Materials Needed:

Step 1:

  • None

Summary & Links:

Salvation is for all people; share the Good News!

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If you show videos in class, be sure to have the necessary rights to do so.

Music Video, Traditional: “Watchman” 
Music Video, Multicultural: “The Blessing” by the Asian American Christian Collective
Music Video, Contemporary: “The Blessing” by the Asian American Christian Collective
Guzik’s Commentary on Acts 10
Pulpit Commentary on Acts 10
Matthew Henry’s Commentary on Acts 10

Memory Verse:

34 Then Peter began to speak: “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism 35 but accepts from every nation the one who fears him and does what is right.
—Acts 10:34–35

Step 1

Materials Needed:

  • None

In a recent roundup article of the top 50 animation studios in the world, many of them were in Hollywood, as one might expect. Studios like Pixar, Disney, and DreamWorks topped the list. However, some might be surprised to learn that more than half of the studios (26 of 50) were not in the U.S. at all. Many were in Japan or Canada. Other countries active in computer animation include Germany, England, the Philippines, Iceland, India, and Turkey. Add to that the many individual animators and artists from scores of other nations who work for these top studios, and you’ll see that computer animation is now a radically international affair. These studios often have a surprising openness to international animators and artists. “You should be fine,” said one industry insider in an online forum, because “most animations studios/companies in the creative industry look mostly at portfolios.” If you’ve got the skills, studios will be interested, no matter where you’re from.

Our passage today shows the moment when Peter became suddenly aware that the salvation of Jesus is intended for all people in all nations. He took fellow Jewish Christians with him to the home of Cornelius the centurion, and all of them witnessed the Holy Spirit falling upon these Gentiles as He had fallen on the Jewish believers. Through the vision and this dramatic event, Peter began to understand that God offers salvation to everyone in every nation, language, and tribe.


  • What’s an animated film you have a positive opinion of?
  • How do you respond to the idea that the world has become more of a global village?
  • What do you admire about Christians who come from other countries or cultures?

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