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Jesus Overpowers Legion

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Jesus Revolution is a current movie about the Jesus Movement of the 1970s, especially as it involved Pastor Chuck Smith’s church in California. The real-life instigator of the movement at Smith’s church was Lonnie Frisbee, a hippie played in the movie by Jonathan Roumie (who also portrays Jesus in The Chosen). Frisbee’s early life had been marked by brutal beatings by his father and molestation by a babysitter. The young man turned to drugs and homosexuality before becoming radically saved by the Lord. Later, Frisbee fell away from the faith. But near the end of his life, he repented and found deliverance from the Lord he’d inspired so many to follow. His final release came in 1993 when he died from AIDS at age 43.

Today’s passage depicts the demon-possessed man who lived in the country of the Gerasenes. The legion of demons gave him tremendous strength, allowing him to break free from shackles and chains. But it wasn’t until Jesus set foot on the shore that he could truly be delivered from his torment. When Jesus delivered him from possession, all the man wanted to do was follow the Lord. But Jesus sent him home to testify about what God had done for him.


  • If you were aware of it at the time, what did you think of the Jesus Movement as it was happening?
  • Why do you think Jesus sent the man home rather than letting him become a follower?
  • In what ways has Jesus delivered you?

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