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Jumping for Joy

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In Kansas City last month, the NFL draft took place. In the third round, the Carolina Panthers traded the Pittsburgh Steelers a late fourth-round draft in exchange for the eightieth overall pick. The Panthers wanted University of Oregon outside linebacker DJ Johnson, and they were concerned he wouldn’t still be available when their next pick—at ninety-three overall—came around. Johnson fits well with the new defensive scheme the Panthers are adopting, which benefits from multiple edge rushers who can get to the quarterback. “This was one of the teams that I liked and wanted to go to,” Johnson said of the Panthers. “I am super excited. Super juiced. This is one of my dream spots, for sure.”

One day not long after the Day of Pentecost, Peter and John were hailed by a paralyzed man begging for money at one of the gates to the temple. The man was hoping for silver or gold to help him get by one more day, just as he’d done most of the days of his life, having been paralyzed since birth. But Peter offered him the chance to trade up for something much better than coins. He offered him the chance, in the name of Jesus Christ, to gain the use of his legs. He accepted, and his legs and ankles were miraculously healed. He leapt and cavorted and shouted praise to God, and a crowd ran up to see this miracle.


  • What are your feelings about the NFL or other pro sports leagues?
  • When have you seen God give someone something greater than they’d dared hope for?
  • In what ways has your life with the Lord been a “trade up” from the life you had before?

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