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On Saturday while you might be basking in the warm and fuzzy aftermath of leftover turkey, family time, and Christmas shopping, college football fans will be gearing up for their biggest rivalries. It is this weekend each year when some of the most popular college football games are played. The games are often exciting because the teams are talented and the score is close. But even when that isn’t the case, the games are exciting because of who is playing whom. College football fans can be very passionate about cheering on their own teams and even more passionate about rooting against their rivals. Let’s hear about some of the most famous college football team rivalries.

Play the following video [3:04]:
Top 10 College Football Rivalries Of All-Time

  • What do you think about such rivalries? What do you think feeds the rivalry to keep it alive? (Accept all reasonable answers. The legends and stories that go along with it; the history, tradition, and family connection. There is something fun about a playful rivalry. Choosing a side provides an identity and allows you to participate in the event. We like clear lines on good/bad, right/wrong, winner/loser.)
  • Do you personally feel you have any rivals or enemies? What does that mean for you? (Accept all reasonable answers. Students may be invested in playful rivalries with other high schools or with sport teams. Others may find themselves competing with another student academically or for first chair, etc. Others may feel another group or even a teacher gives them grief undeservedly.)
  • On a larger scale, what are some pairs of rivals or enemies that you see influencing our world today? (Accept all reasonable answers. The dominating narrative in American politics just now is the deep divisions and polarizations of Americans over any number of issues. Students may name this generally or more specifically, or even identify world powers or countries who have historically been enemies. There may be pop culture examples as well.)

When you’re on opposite sides, things can get very heated. Jonah had some enemies—but it was much more than a just-for-fun rivalry. He wanted to see them destroyed. But God had something else in mind—let’s take a look.

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You can find Steps 2 and 3 in your teacher’s guide. To purchase a teacher’s guide, please visit: Bible-in-Life or Echoes.

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