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Predicted Glory

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Materials Needed:

  • None

Once your students have arrived, invite them to participate in a discussion:

  • Have you ever heard of the term “self-fulfilling prophecy”? How would you define it? (Accept all reasonable responses.)

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, a self-fulfilling prophecy is a “process through which an originally false expectation leads to its own confirmation.”

A lot of people talk a big game, making these types of bold predictions about their future without really knowing what the outcome will be. Maybe it’s the athlete who claims they’ll win the game. Perhaps it’s the student who claims they’ll get a perfect score on the next test. Some people even make bold predictions about their failure, saying they’ll lose the game or do poorly on a test.

  • Do you think these sorts of claims are common? (Accept all reasonable answers. Share that our egos may drive us to proclaim future victory, and our insecurities may drive us to predict failure.)
  • Have you ever made a bold prediction like this? If so, what was it? (Accept all reasonable answers.)
  • The Bible contains many prophecies that speak of Jesus—the promised Messiah. How are the Bible’s promises different from fortune-telling or a “crystal ball”? (Divination or fortune-telling are not of God. The Old Testament made many references to Jesus’ death and resurrection and all of them came true, exactly as God had planned. The outcome was not manipulated by humans but by the trustworthy sovereignty of God.)

God knew from the beginning what Easter’s outcome would be—and it’s exciting to discover not only the miracle of a fulfilled promise, but also the implications for me and you. Jesus didn’t come on the scene with money, flashy clothes, or arrogant predictions, but His stunning arrival changed everything.

Looking for Steps 2 & 3?

You can find Steps 2 and 3 in your teacher’s guide. To purchase a teacher’s guide, please visit: Bible-in-Life or Echoes.

Materials Needed:

  • Sheets of paper (1 per student)
  • Pens/pencils (1 per student)

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