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Reckoned as Righteous

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In a visit to Taipei last month, American politicians pledged to continue their firm support of Taiwan against aggression from China. “The United States will not waver in our commitment to defend freedom and uphold the principles of democracy,” U.S. Representative Lisa McClain said at a news conference. The American government demonstrated this commitment tangibly the next day by passing a $95 billion aid package to support Ukraine and Israel, with $8.1 billion earmarked for Taiwan and key allies in the region. “Let no one doubt our support,” U.S. Representative Mark Alford told the press conference, “for your people and our bright future together.”

In today’s passage, Paul praises Abraham’s unwavering commitment to God’s promise. Though the promise that Abraham and Sarah received was a challenge for them to accept (both were thought to be well beyond child-rearing age), Abraham did not waver. He strengthened his belief, and God credited this to him as righteousness. In this way, Abraham was the father of all who believe in the Lord.


  • What do you think should be the Christian’s role in mediating international conflicts?
  • When have you shown unwavering support in someone, even amidst uncertainty?
  • What’s a crisis of faith that reaffirmed your belief in the Lord?

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