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Reconciled to God (Pentecost)

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Thanks to a successful experiment last month in a lab in South Korea, science has moved closer to the dream of a stable fusion reaction. “Fusion technology,” explains an article on TheCoolDown.com, “mimics the process that powers stars. It holds the key to unlimited, zero-carbon electricity, making it a vital part of our transition to clean energy.” In the experiment at the KSTAR facility in Daejeon, plasma was heated inside a special chamber to nearly seven times hotter than the surface of the sun, and it maintained that temperature in a stable state for 48 seconds. That doesn’t sound like very long, but it’s an improvement of 160% over the previous record. Their hope is to maintain plasma containment for 300 seconds by 2026. Nearly unlimited “free” energy with no pollution is the ultimate goal for the technology.

In today’s text from Romans, Paul continues his argument. In the previous chapter, he explained that salvation comes through faith, not works of the law, like circumcision. Here, Paul goes on to encourage readers that the reconciliation they have with God—through faith in Christ—not only justifies us in the present, but also in the future. Because of the life of Christ, we will be saved from God’s wrath. Those with faith in Jesus have nothing to fear from God.


  • What sources of energy do you think humanity should retain, eliminate, or develop? 
  • This Sunday is Pentecost. What is your favorite aspect of this day? 
  • How does it impact your life to know that you have nothing to fear? 

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