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Earlier this month, the United States military shot down several objects thought to be unmanned Chinese spy balloons in the airspace of the US and Canada. The first incident was the downing of a very large balloon at high altitude (over 60,000′). Shortly after the Air Force F-22 destroyed the balloon with a Sidewinder missile, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin used a special phone line to reach out to his Chinese counterpart, Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe, to try to manage the crisis. But the minister refused to get on the line, later saying that the U.S. had “not created the proper atmosphere” for dialogue. A call to prevent a possible escalation was rejected, and matters became worse.

Peter appealed to all people to heed the call of Jesus to be saved. He said that some—including the Christians he was writing to—had indeed believed in Jesus as God’s chosen and precious cornerstone. By this, they had become spiritual stones themselves, and God had constructed them into a spiritual building. But others continued to reject the Lord’s offer, and Jesus had become for them a stumbling stone. A call to prevent eternal doom was rejected, and if they did not change their minds, matters for them would become much worse.


  • What are acceptable and unacceptable practices for nations to spy on one another?
  • When did someone reject a positive effort on your part? What did you do?
  • What causes an unbeliever to change his or her mind and come to Jesus in faith?

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