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Saul of Tarsus

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Last month, a years-long legal battle involving actress Gwyneth Paltrow concluded in her favor. On the slopes of a Utah ski resort in 2016, Paltrow and another skier, Terry Sanderson (now 76), collided, resulting in injuries to Mr. Sanderson. He sued her for $3.1 million, and she countersued for one dollar plus attorney fees. After a highly publicized court trial last month, the jury sided with Paltrow. On her way out of the courtroom, the actress went to Mr. Sanderson and, rather than gloating, told him, “I wish you well.” Sanderson responded, “Thank you, dear,” and later characterized Paltrow’s gesture as “very kind.”

Saul the Pharisee had been blinded in a divine encounter on the road to Damascus. The Lord had rendered him blind in order to open his eyes. Jesus appeared in a vision to a faithful discipled named Ananias, instructing him to go lay hands on Saul to regain his vision and bestow the Holy Spirit. Ananias, quite naturally perhaps, asked the Lord for clarification. But God sent him to his former enemy to make him a brother.


  • What is a celebrity encounter you have had?
  • When have you or others doubted whether someone had actually become a Christian?
  • How have you acted with Christ’s love toward someone you formerly considered an enemy?

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