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The Call of Abram

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Several major corporations in North America have designated this Monday—Labor Day—as the day when most of their workforce must cease working exclusively from home. It is RTO (return-to-office) day. However, “Workers have grown accustomed to being able to work where and when they wish,” says Bloomberg writer Matthew Boyle, “freeing them up to care for kids, aging parents or to simply escape … and take a stroll in the backyard after lunch.” Labor Day may be when companies draw a line in the sand for their workers to come back to their desks. “In the battle of the boardroom versus the bedroom,” Boyle says, “something has to give come September.”

During his life in Haran, Abram had grown wealthy and was probably anticipating enjoying his sunset years enjoying the fruit of his labors. However, the Lord God spoke to Abram and called him to leave the country of his father and journey into a land that God would show him. Once he and his family, along with his servants and flocks, had arrived in Canaan, God promised to bless Abram—and the whole earth through him. He believed the word of the Lord, and it was credited to him as righteousness.


  • What advantages and disadvantages do you see in working from an office vs. working from home?
  • In your current life situation, would you say you are feeling more of a tug to go out or to stay put? Explain your answer.
  • When has God ever called you or someone you know out into an unknown land or on an adventure?

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