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The Greatest in the Kingdom

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Changes may be coming to equestrian events after the tragic death of Irish rider Tiggy Hancock (15) in 2021. An inquiry last month found that the trained showjumping horse the young girl was riding could not see a jump bar. This led to a tumble in which horse and rider flipped. Tiggy landed on the ground first and the horse fell on top of her, crushing her chest and one lung, leading to her death. Her mother, who witnessed the fall, said the obstacle was “brown water with a brown jump and brown sand.” Tiggy is remembered as an accomplished rider and rising star in Irish equestrian sport. The family welcomes the call to use contrasting colors so both horse and rider can see obstacles, hopefully avoiding future tragedy.

In today’s passage, Jesus drives home the importance of not stumbling and not causing others to stumble. To follow Jesus in humility and devotion is the way to enter the kingdom of heaven, and nothing must be allowed to be an obstacle to this. The stakes can be eternal. He urges us to prefer entry into the kingdom over anything on earth—and to be sure not to block others as they seek to get in.


  • What experience do you have with horses?
  • If you could suggest a safety improvement to any sport or activity, what would it be?
  • Why did Jesus use such disturbing imagery in today’s passage?

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