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Middle School

Worshiping God

Lesson 12 


Summer 2021


By: RLD Editorial Team 


August 22, 2021

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Lesson Focus:

Let’s worship God together.

Bible Basis:

2 Chronicles 5:12-13; Ezra 3:10-11; I Corinthians 14:15, 26-33

Materials Needed:

Step 1:

  • Internet access
  • Beach ball

Summary & Links:

Students will discuss the things that bring them joy as they consider value of praising God for those things.

Memory Verse:

Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth. Worship the LORD with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.
—Psalm 100:1-2

Step 1:

Students will discuss the things that bring them joy as they consider value of praising God for those things.

Materials Needed:

  • Internet access
  • Beach ball

Prior to class, inflate the beach ball and find a space where students can toss it around. If weather permits, take this outside; otherwise, find an area inside where you won’t disturb others. Form a circle and ask students to think about a happy moment in their lives that they would be willing to share with the group—something praiseworthy or worth celebrating. Bat the beach ball around the circle. If someone misses it and it falls to the ground, that person will know it’s their turn to share.

  • Why do some moments in our lives fill us with such joy? (Answers may include: We are surprised by them; we feel love and happiness when we “make the team” or our play performance is perfect. It is overwhelming to have a new baby cousin or a puppy to hold. When things go well, we have emotions inside of us that well up and those feelings are interpreted as happy, thankful, etc.)
  • What are some ways you express joy? (Answers will vary but may include cheering, laughing, clapping, singing, doing a “happy dance,” etc.)

Emmanuel Korir is an Olympic runner who recently competed for Kenya at the Tokyo Olympic Games. Emmanuel had been disqualified from the 400-meter Olympic race for a false start. After the disappointment with that race, he still had the 800-meter race to run. In spite of the first race not going well, Emmanuel refused to let it deter him from doing his best in the 800-meter race. Watch and see what happens.

Share this video with your students [2:15; stop at 1:07]:
Ferguson Rotich and Emmanuel Korir reach 800m final at the Tokyo Olympics

  • Emmanuel won the 800-meter run at the Tokyo Olympics! What did you notice about Emmanuel’s reaction when he won? Were you surprised by it? (Answers will vary. Students may answer that they were surprised by how humble he seems after the win. He isn’t throwing his success in the faces of his competitors. Instead, he looks happy and overwhelmed with excitement, but he also kneels as if in prayer to thank God for the outcome of his race.)
  • How do you think you might react if you won a competition this big? (Answers will vary. Encourage students to be honest.)

Emmanuel Korir showed joy at his success in the 800-meter race. When we experience successes and joys in life, we can choose to worship God with joy. Let’s look further at how we can do the same as we worship God together with other people.

Looking for Steps 2, 3 & 4?

You can find Steps 2 and 3 in your teacher’s guide. To purchase a teacher’s guide, please visit: Bible-in-Life or Echoes.

Step 4:

Materials Needed:

  • Internet access

Today we talked about how and why Christians should worship God together. In

1 Corinthians 14:26b we learn, “Everything must be done so that the church may be built up.” That is a great take-away verse for today’s lesson. We need to praise God together in such a way as to build up the church Body.

  • How might we worship God together in church in a way that it is strengthened, built up? (Answers may include: Being respectful of everyone in the church and creating a worshipful environment instead of talking amongst ourselves or being loud during worship times. Engaging in the worship process—unplugged from phones. Also, including various worship styles so all members of the church Body feel that they benefit such as some hymns, some praise music, some classics, etc.)

The key word is together, united as a church. Have students talk about some of their favorite music at church. Pull up some of the songs they mention on YouTube and worship to some of your groups’ favorite numbers. If students are hesitant to give suggestions, here are some to try.
Way Maker
You Promised

  • Praising God together is so much more than just in song, yet songs help us express ourselves, don’t they? What are some ways that praising God together unites us? (Invite students to share aloud with the whole group. Some examples might be: feeling united as a church Body, caring for one another in tangible ways, praying together, sharing testimonies, believing together certain truths from the Bible that your church emphasizes as well as participating in Communion and offering times. These things also are worship!)

Encourage students to take time this week from their busy schedules to plan a time of worship with friends and/or family. It may feel awkward to plan to get together to praise God, but this can be done on a walk, over a lunch conversation, in small group study and prayer times, etc. Allow students to be creative in how they will meet together for worship.

Worshiping God together often inspires others who don’t know God to want what you have. The act of praising God is a way to encourage unbelievers to join your church because they, too, have an empty space in their heart created for worshiping God that they aren’t filling when they live their lives without Him. Encourage students to look forward to the praise and worship times at your church. If there are opportunities outside of corporate worship such as concerts or praise time sing-a-longs, encourage students to consider attending those.

Close in prayer thanking God for creating us as worshipful beings who can grow and learn as we worship together.

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